The Hard Sell by Lulu Wright

For a debut novel I would have to say that this was heading in the right direction. The characters were engaging and the tone of the writing was light and fun.

I liked the fact that Lily and Jack were so different and that because of that I didn’t know just how much they were both going to have bring to the story.

Lily and Jack were pulling on opposite ends of the same rope. They had the same goal just different ways of going about getting what they wanted.

I loved the cheeky banter between the two of them and the attitude that neither of them was willing to hide behind, they hung it all out there!

Lily had huge ideas on how she could turn around the men’s lingerie department, while Jack was in need of a lot more convincing…well let battle commence.

The push and pull between the two of them brought a smile to my face but deep down I knew that all I wanted was for him to see that she wasn’t just going to turn the department around, no, she could be the woman to bring a spark into his life too. He just had to get a handle on what was going to make her tick.

The synopsis of the story worked well, the characters were a handful but not in a bad way and they certainly brought a smile to my face.

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