Leave Me Breathless

by Katie Douglas

Jake Royston still hasn’t recovered from his past with Dylan Pines and in particular the way she left, but now that they are back in each other’s lives, there has to be a level of conciliation somewhere along the line but just how far that might go is up for debate.
Dylan never wanted to leave, especially leaving Jake because she knows that he is the only guy that she has ever felt anything for, but now she has yet another decision to make and it is far from easy to determine which way things are going to go?
The connection between the two of them is clearly evident, it doesn’t seem to have diminished no matter how much time they have spent apart, but that doesn’t mean that it has the legs to pick back up from where they were and flourish into their own version of something more, something that was so sadly lost before.
I enjoyed getting to see more of Jake and his personality, he’s a dark horse so to speak, so much more to this quiet guy that I had anticipated!
There were enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting, but it was the characterization that totally won me over.
This series “Arizona Heat” has been a revelation, I have found it a real grower, each story pulling me deeper and deeper into life on The Lemon Tree Ranch and its inhabitants.

Topic: Leave Me Breathless by Katie Douglas

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