by Aly Martinez


I have read so many books this last few weeks that at times it is hard to find one that stands out for the right reasons, this didn’t leave me with that problem…Nope, this brought me a story that demanded that I pay attention and wasn’t willing to accept second best from me, from the minute I had scanned my way across the first page, I knew I was in for a long night.

The detail poured from every page, the author did a stellar job of showing the emotional power that her writing was able to convey because I was completely absorbed.

Rhion…Oh Rhion, I wanted so much more for her, so much more than she had already been through, her past was as painful as I could either possible comprehend or manage, it forced me to accept that bad things happen to good people and that despite praying for her fortune to turn around and for her past to have been little more than a figment of her imagination, I knew in my soul that she needed to have experienced that pain to make her the woman she was and it is only that woman, that broken woman that could possibly be the right woman for Jude.

Jude suffered and he did so daily but with a quiet dignity that didn’t allow those around him to bear any witness to his turmoil. His past was his to bear and he lived with that, even though it ate away at his very being and it was painful to read, almost too much as I slowly but surely read as he almost crumbled before my eyes.

Their pasts weren’t what I would have anticipated them being but it was almost a magnetic force that held them together, they had a pull, a connection that is  too difficult to put into words and I commend the author for giving their love an opportunity, for showing that their souls were unwilling to be tethered or defined by the pain of the past and that their hearts were searching for their future. They were determined to make what they had worthwhile and wonderful and I wanted nothing but that for them because they deserved no less.

The story was overflowing with emotion, I felt both the depths of their despair and the elation of the love that shored them against the pain of their individual histories.

But what I revelled in was the fact that they were fighting for their future, would they make it? You need to read to find out but what was evident was that despite the sadness, these tortured souls were willing to face everything the world was willing to throw at them together.

The story absolutely shone with the love that this pair shared, it highlighted the joy that the right person can bring to your life and it also highlighted the trust that it takes to put your heart in their hands.

The relationship between Rhion and Jude was more than the sum of all of that, it was powerful, it was complete and heart-achingly beautiful.

Take a hold of your tissues and settle down for the night because this is one that you will not want to slip through your fingers.

Topic: Singe by Aly Martinez

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