Unexpected Change by K.D. Sarks

Emelyn and Alex are about to take you on an emotional roller coaster, so be ready people!

Emelyn is beautiful but has suffered much in her twenty one years and is reluctant to let anyone in. Her bolshie exterior is her own way of protecting herself and her heart from ever having to go through the pain that she has experienced again and I have to say that I fully understood why she was the way she was.

But she hadn’t come up against anyone like Alex before and this handsome man, just oozed charisma, he was so self-assured and dominant that he smouldered across the page.

He has his eyes set on Emelyn and is determined that nothing is going to get in his way- including the little lady in question herself.

Emelyn on the other hand is absolutely not on board and is keeping her feeling completely under lock and key – setting herself up for yet more heart ache is just not on the agenda.

The whole story is a fairly emotional read, not sad all the way through if you get my drift (although the start is an OMG moment, it will leave you aghast) but intense.

It was a fixer upper of sorts, one that wounds you deeply with its content but them slowly but surely lets you see that through the characters and their experiences that sometimes you have to have the bad in order to appreciate the good.

As an emotional tale this is a corker- congratulations to KD Sarks!