The Breakup Artist

by Lila Monroe

I have read rather a lot over the last few weeks and this is certainly one of the most enjoyable. A charming second chance romance that presented me with characters that were oh so easy to become quickly attuned to.

I like both Katie and Wes, they had an air of truth about them that was quite charming, I found myself incredibly happy in their company. I liked that Wes was able to accept his part in their past, and moreover the mistakes that they both shared – although I must admit that I found his willingness to try to atone for his part, was really quite charming.

I would however say that whilst the story didn’t take too long to read, it was methodical, the author took great pains to ensure that the detail of their story was not glossed over, she gave them both the opportunity to develop before my eyes and that in turn gave what was an inevitable reconnection the time it needed to find its feet.

This was a couple that had a lot to work through but also had a lot to work towards, they learnt by their mistakes, all I had to ask myself was had they learnt enough.

With a great cast of secondary characters this was a great addition to the series, as always Ms. Monroe presented me with a story that was beautifully written and thoroughly entertaining

This comes highly recommended, as does the other books in the series.


Topic: The Breakup Artist by Lila Monroe

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