I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne



So the book and I didn’t exactly get off to the best start because dating your sister’s ex-husband is just all sorts of wrong in my book. Perhaps I am doing it a disservice, wrong might be a bit harsh, it is just odd.

I liked the fact that the author gave each of them strong personalities but just couldn’t come to terms with their situation, I suffered through much of the story hoping that they would come to their senses but nope, not happening and it was causing my enthusiasm to wane.

I liked Jackson, I got the feeling that he had always known that he had married the wrong sister and when I eventually got to grips with Madison I wondered why he had actually gone through with the wedding in the first place, she was abhorrent.

Of all the characters, he was my favourite because I actually believe that he had the most to give, the most to overcome.

Mollie was the complete antithesis of her sister, she was a really nice woman and I could see why Jackson had fallen for her but that still didn’t deter from the fact that she was his ex-wife’s sister.

I suppose they were victims of circumstance but I still wasn’t completely getting over the connection, but I was working hard on the fact that I didn’t want to hate them for falling in love, and anyway I found it really easy to hate Madison!

A well written story that gave me something to think about and challenged my opinions, did I enjoy it – yes I will hold my hand up and admit the characters won me over but the setting, sorry still not a fan!

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