The Bull Rider's Return

by Joan Kilby

A quick read that for the most part played out much like I had anticipated but I will say that I thought that the author might have been able to give Cody the chance to show a much deeper side of his character because there was more going on under the surface than the final chapter or two had the opportunity to fully explore.

Youngest son in a family where success and hard work were prerequisite, Cody didn’t just rebel for the sake of things nope, he seemed desperate to be his own man and to be accepted for that, it just didn’t seem that those two wishes were ever going to be granted because even when it became apparent that he has done something life changing for Kelly and her son Ricky, the opinions that not just his family but many, many other have of him barely flinch. His bad boy reputation is barely dented and although he didn’t do it for the recognition or acclaim, that has to sting, and for me that was the most telling part of the book, a guy that try as he might didn’t seem to be able to outrun his past, so he just lived up to the hype…it was sad.

Kelly was ok, she was a little confusing at times and a tad full on, she went after Cody to thank him for what he had done but I don’t believe she was naive enough not to realise, especially once she heard what folk had to say about Cody that she was going to get away with her heart intact…Cody and his love them and leave them attitude was going to be her Achilles heel and as a single mother I struggled with her being ok with that concept.

As you would imagine not everything is easily overcome and there are periods where soul searching and reflection are definitely required but one thing that really peeved me was the concept that his ex would claim something so blatantly untrue in an interview, just to get him to react and when he speaks to her and she admits that, he was ok with it…I was seriously livid at that interaction…how the heck does that!!!
Overall it was a good read, there were little glimpses along the way where I felt that I wanted a little more detail but the author played smart with the characterisation and ensured that there wasn’t too much, just what was necessary to complete the story.


Topic: The Bull Rider's Return by Joan Kilby

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