Dodging Temptation by Avery Flynn



I have a real love affair going on with Entangled Brazen, I have yet to read a poor novel from them. They give me exactly what I want from a romance – characters that are ready for me to get my teeth stuck into and scenario’s that are so far removed from what I have to deal with in my day to day life that I can honestly curl up and escape.

I loved the setting for this story – the exclusive retreat that was all things to all people who didn’t want the world to see what they were up too and that included the sexy as sin owner Dodge Loving.

Dodge comes from mixed parentage but has struggled to come to terms with the fact that his grandfather cast his mother aside when she met and married his father – and all because his skin was a different colour. I know that times have changed but I liked the fact that the book took on the fact that this sort of prejudice was prevalent in the past and it is today’s generations that are still feeling the effects.

Desperately trying to close a deal that will see his steal a prominent client from right under the nose of his grandfather – Dodge has his business blinkers on but his mother – well she has other ideas and a the patter of tine feet are stomping right across her heart – this woman is on the hunt for grandbabies and matching Dodge up is top of her agenda.

Harper is hiding out, although not a resident at eth retreat, she is working for Dodge’s mother- cataloguing her library – now that is the perfect job!

But after a divorce that was played out in the full glare of the media, and a slap to the face of an errant soon to be ex-husband and US senator reverberated throughout the media, she is keen to keep a low profile and to regain some normality.

But when the paparazzi cotton on to the fact that she is at the retreat and the notoriety puts his guarantee of seclusion and privacy in jeopardy he wants nothing more than to have her out the door.

Shame his mother is having nothing of it!

She wants the opposite… for him to open his eyes and see that Harper is the woman that he has needed all along.

The story was and evolution, it was a burbler so to speak, you knew where it was going but it was fun trying to work out how they were going to find some middle ground to build a relationship on.

They had definite chemistry and when they got together the sparks certainly flew but when they got it wrong – it was epic.

I loved the chapter when the penny dropped and Dodge took to the saddle to bring his woman back – swoon much … you betcha!!

I am really looking forward to reading the remaining Loving brothers stories and to see what May has in store for them.

Topic: Dodging Temptation by Avery Flynn

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