Pretty Thing

by JA Huss

I’ve read quite a few novels from JA Huss and I have to say that this was everything I didn’t expect; it was such a sweet story that it actually caught me by surprise.
Kyle, Kali, and Aiden have been friends since childhood, and as they grow up their friendship holds firm, despite the fact that both Kyle and Aiden know that Kali’s teenage crush on Aiden is blatantly obvious. Being the dutiful big brother, Kyle makes sure that Aiden follows the bro code and steers well clear of any involvement with Kali, no matter what.
But when tragedy strikes and Kyle is killed, it was no surprise that Kali and Aiden turned to each other, their grief heightening a connection that has been years in the making. You would have thought that they might have been taken to take their night together and move on, allow the passion they feel to grow but neither of them finds it easy to come to terms with the fact that, them being together is not what Kyle would have wanted.
Guilt was a terrible taskmaster for the two of them, but I doubted that Kyle would have truly expected them to stand by his wishes, but it wasn’t what I thought that mattered and so the toing and froing between them was relentless.
They really did torture themselves as they tried to find their emotional resolution, the resolve to fight for what they could have and to finally reach a decision about their future that they could reconcile with the past and with the memory of a brother and friend that they both adored.
A lovely read that was thoughtfully emotional, a fabulous way to while away a couple of hours

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