Permanent Bliss by BJ Harvey


This companion novella is so much more than you would anticipate – it brings Mac and Daniel’s story to its happy ever after and it does it with absolute perfection!

Mac and Daniel have it all, and their relationship is so passionate that they are perfect for each other. They are so funny together and while the story concentrates on the lead up to their wedding, it gives us ample opportunity to experience Mac and Daniel at their hilarious best.

They say that a couple that laughs together stays together, and is that is the case then I have no qualms that this pair will grow old and grey together.

Mac’s bachelorette night is downright hilarious – and the drunken messages between her and Daniel (aka Superman) had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions.

Expecting the infamous Mac meltdown when Noah drops the bombshell on who his plus one is to be at the wedding, it was funny to witness the fact that Daniel was the one that got his knickers is a twist and not Mac.

Happy in her own skin and resolute in the fact that she had finally reached the place in her life that she was meant to be – she took it all in her stride.

Told from both points of view, we get to not only hear but feel the emotion that this pair feel for each other, it is real – tangible and completely consuming.

Their references to the twins are just beautiful - completely realistic with the emotions that every parent feels towards their child but delivered with comedy perfect and the enthusiasm and love, the twins really are the completion of their world.

Perfect as a couple they are incredible as a family!

It was fabulous to be able to catch up with all the other characters and to finally hear from Noah – I cannot wait to hear his story in the next book Finding Bliss.

The Bliss series has been amazing so far and Permanent Bliss is an incredible addition to the series, it is beautifully written, emotionally strong and wonderfully witty – what more could we have hoped for.


Rating 4.5 out of 5