Her Confession by S Valentine

Straight off the back of finishing His Confession, I dove straight in to this the second book in the series. I was keen to see where Darion and Gabi were headed.

They had taken their tentative steps towards a proper relationship but with the spectre of Darion’s ex Eva looming over them, could they keep their relationship on solid ground or was this devious woman out of what they shared together.

Eva presence pushes all Gabi’s buttons, and in a way I sort of liked that she had the same feelings that I think I would have in a similar situation, being confronted with women who have slept or at least been intimate with the man that you have given your heart too is only ever going to be traumatic, but was it founded or was it just her imagination feeding her jealous streak?

But can she keep her temper and man in check or will Darion revert to type and let his sultry ex back into his life or will what he has with Gabi be enough?

I had everything crossed that he would do the right thing but Eva played dirty, she used every trick in her extensive repertoire to lure him back to her but did she get her wish?

This conflict will have you desperately flicking through the pages, eager to find out where his decision will be but in all the madness you will also begin to wanted what the heck is going on in Gabi’s head because it is obvious that Darion isn’t the only one with secrets? Oh the delicious irony!

I took more from this book that I did the first one, it was fabulously well written, with characters and situations that were brought to life with exquisite detail.

Topic: Her Confession by S Valentine

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