Unpredicatable by CA Harms

Jett has perfect boyfriend stamped right through him, to his core he was only ever meant to be with Quinn.

But belonging and being together are two completely different ball games and this reluctant suitor may just have had his card marked permanently because there is never going to be anyone else for him but Quinn, he just has to get with the program.

Jett, defies description, this self-made man was someone that didn’t shirk hard work or responsibility. So when his wakes up to find his one night stand has taken off in the night he is more than a tad peeved.

But a one night stand is just that – one night never to be repeated – unless of course you happen to bump into each other again, I mean was fate giving him his woman on a silver platter or would he have to work for the object of his desires?

Well Quinn has never had it easy, he mother is a drunk and her father is non-existent, but she doesn’t know what the heck got into her when she went against all things that her body was screaming at her and spent the night with Jett, walking out of his place she knew that she would never be the same again, something shifted that night but she had dreams to keep her going, a man like Jett could only ever be a dream for someone like her.

Little did she know that walking into his restaurant for a job would bring her face to face with the man that was determined to be not only her future but her absolutely everything?

Jett is totally swoon worth, honestly I want him all to myself.

I think his heart loved her from the minute he laid eyes on her and throughout the whole book he never stopped being the man she could rely upon no matter what.

Together they were superb, they were smoulderingly hot but joined at not the hip but the heart.

Two soul that had spent too long searching for each other and that once they had, had their taste would never give up.

Loved it!!

Topic: Unpredicatable by CA Harms

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