by Erin Nicholas

If I had to think of a single word to describe this then I would say it was superb.

A cleverly written, sweet yet gloriously sexy read, that gave me characters that I will revisit again very shortly, I was enchanted by them all.

I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for Caleb, he was a glorious character, every inch the alpha male but with a hint of vulnerability.

The way he is with the kids in this book was enough to leave me totally awestruck.

But as much as I thought he was a great guy, it was for me Lexi that stole the show, she was a wonderful woman, one that knew her own worth and was absolutely happy in her own skin.

She had loved Caleb for longer than she would like to admit, and she not only revelled but totally owned her ability get under his skin, but she had bigger plans and was all set to go the whoel hog to get her guy.

The chemistry between the pair of them was off the charts, they were scorching, throw adorable children into the plotline and this was a winner on every front. The dialogue was fantastic, the humour and banter totally charming and when it came down to the two of them getting it on…let’s just say they left little off the agenda!!


Topic: NICE AND EASY by Erin Nicholas

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