by Jessie Cooke

Exacting revenge for the death of his brother has cost eight years of his own life as he served his time in prison but now he is out there are three things that he is desperate to get reacquainted with;

  1. His bike
  2. His club
  3. His girl

And not necessarily in that order!

Time inside may have cost him more than he was aware of but because whilst we whiled away the hours behind bars his woman Macy was doing what she needed to do to move on, not that she didn’t love Cody, but he had not only accrued his own punishment but she too was serving his sentence.

So, first port of call for Cody was to find out exactly what is going on and exactly where his future lies. Macy may have been p**sed when he was sent down but was she still?

Macy knew that the fact that she kept her distance while Cody was incarcerated wasn’t going to go down well with him and she was pretty certain that her door isn’t going to be too far down the list of places t visit first and there wasn’t a chance that he was going to like what he finds.

Is what they had enough to build a fresh start upon or will the time apart be a step to far?

There were so many twists and turns in the story that I found the anticipation almost too much at times, but what I would suggest is that you make yourself comfy and dig in because as far as MC stories go this was pretty enjoyable and the characters certainly had plenty to say for themselves

Topic: Cody by Jessie Cooke

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