by Adele Huxley

The second in the series, this is every bit as engaging as I had expected.

Having read the first book Bronze, I thought that the author would be ramping up the angst and attitude in this book as she builds up not just the anticipation but the intrigue as we hurtle toward Gold and boy, did she!

There is so much going on that it took everything I had to try and get my head around everything that was happening, and some of them still sucker punched me!

I liked Rhett and Rebel and I really liked the fact that they both had the opportunity to let me know exactly what they were thinking and feeling, told for duel points of view I think this perspective was perfect and gave me a totally immersive feeling as the chapters disappeared.

Anyway, what about Rhett and Rebel, well if you are anything like me you will find that the connection between the two of them was totally engaging, they were the complete antithesis of each other and for many they really should not have worked together, but they quite simply did, and it was fabulous.

With cameo appearances from many of the characters that I was familiar with from the first book, I felt the series really starting to pull together (and like any great story there is one character that you will just end up saying WTF…Penny is that woman for me!) and I am actually looking forward to when the next book is out, and I can read them all back to back, I think that will be epic.

Topic: Silver by Adele Huxley

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