Blue Genes (The Story of Us Series: Into the Blue) by Sydney Jamesson

      I will not let you start this book without you being unprepared, so pay attention!

      Before you start, make sure you have the items below within reach… please

  1. Tissues – you will need a lot!
  2. Wine, Vodka, whatever your alcohol of choice is- again this is not optional it’s compulsory!!!
  3. A Blanket- depending on your reading speed- it may be a long night, you will not want to put this down!
  4. Kindle or reading device charger- power failure may result in uncontrollable wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Beth and Ayden are back and they are doing what they do best – tearing my heart out!

The two of them are married but the not so distant past is still looming large over the pair of them, honestly I wasn’t best pleased that they were still pussy footing around but I was happy to see that the two of them have begun to piece together a future, one that I think they never thought they would ever actually get to have. But I did despair of the fact that they were

They have really been through the mill and I have to say that I am not 100% certain that their trials and tribulations are over, but they have survived so far and I am desperate for the two of them to get a happy ever after.

This is yet another emotional read, one that had me shaking and scratching my head, and damn well dabbing the tears from my eyes, Ayden has now uncover the details of his entry into the world, his parents and birth and I was perfectly well aware that this fantastic man was left rocked by what he discovered but he handled it well and formulated his actions as only he is capable of.

Beth was such a beautiful character but while she stood firmly by her man through all the revelations, the new dynamics in Ayden’s life had an adverse effect on her, she was riddled with doubts and what the things that Ayden had discovered meant for what the two of them had built together. I thought that she really was a victim of a bout of low self-esteem, she loved Ayden but seemed to doubt the love he felt for her, honestly what she was thinking how she could doubt this glorious man but he stepped up and showed her just what and how much he loved her.

But their story take on very welcome and completely unexpected twist but all is not smooth sailing for the two of them but it never has been, so m=no change there then!

A truly beautiful story that is emotional charged and powerfully creative – I loved it!!!!