Level Up

by Cathy Yardley

A thoroughly modern read, set in an ultra-modern field. The world of coders and gamers is something that not everything totally understands but the world of when a girl sets her sights on her man…well that we can all relate to and this was just that!
Tessa was never one to blend in with the crowd and in this super quick read, the author certainly got that dynamic of her characters across. I loved that she was proud to be an individual and to express who she was, I mean life is too short to not wear a Sailor Moon costume!
I adored Adam, he was a cutie, a little on the nerdy side at times and more than capable of coming out with some wholly inappropriate remarks but he didn’t shy away from his mistakes and that was to be admired…you cause a stick then at least have the bottle to own it and he did, so kudos man!
But despite his proclivity for planting his foot on his mouth Tessa had set her sights on her man and there was no stopping this woman, she was on a mission to claim her guy!
I found the story charming, not sure if that is actually the most appropriate word, but it feels as if it fits, the characters were realistic, and their connection made sense, in fact, they all just slotted perfectly into my day…result!

Topic: Level Up by Cathy Yardley

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