My Minds Eye by Gillian Jones

This book consumed my life from the minute I clapped eyes on the first word and it hung on to me until I had closed my kindle.

I quite simply fell head first into a story that was so easy to love, as was the inimitable Ryker and his spine tingling growl – honest I heard him reverberating around in my head for days! The boy, certainly left and impression!!

The story is about Kat and Ryker – and it is far cry for what I would have considered within its genre and that is commendable.

I enjoyed the whole plot, it was captivating and funny- really funny but more than that it contained a wealth of characters that we gloriously handsome and could turn the charm on like most people can flip on a switch.

The story was a fairly light read, not heavy on the angst and agro but that is not to its detriment because the characters are so endearing that I was swept along with the goings on. They were a bunch of college kids that lived life to the full and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There are a few steamy encounters and the damn Ryker’s filthy mouth sent a tingle right down my spine … the man has such a way with words that he damn well left me breathless!!

But the remaining characters in the book are not shy either, they are each integral to what I can only say is a book and an author that I have every intension of revisiting again- soon!