Her Web Master

by Normandie Alleman


This was my first book by this author and it is one that will not be forgotten in hurry.

This was more than I had anticipated and from the blurb I had initially considered that it would be a good read, but it was way over that bar!

This was a powder keg and it was set to do a darn sight more than just smoulder, this had its fuse lit and was ready to explode!

I work within the confines of the online community every single day and have never thought much to the whole online dating/relationship scenario but this author took the whole thing just a little bit further than I would have ever considered, gone was the vacant connections, this online relationship was far too intimate for that but in reality that was all that it was offering.

But how do you reconcile the fact that the person you are connected to in the most personable of terms is a complete stranger.

For me it brought to life my belief that it is souls that attract, your heart knows who you need and in what capacity, physical appearance is a distraction, mere window dressing.

Sophie is doing what she can to get over a cheating husband and start afresh but being on the opposite end of infidelity is harsh and finding confidence to put yourself back out there again is never and easy move but the next man in Sophie’s life is someone she would have never considered before.

Because her world is about to detonate when MC takes the reigns and becomes her online Master.

Now while the whole concept of online BDSM was a new one on me, I can certainly appreciate it’s not only it’s attraction but merit.

Sophie has been dipping her toes in to the scene so to speak and all without having to show face. Being online is a barrier that she emotionally needs but MC doesn’t see the fact they are online as being to their detriment, this dominating man, is about to blow her mind!

Dang, he is a force of nature one not to be taken lightly – he knows no limits and gives no quarter. And he is blessed with not only a very, very vivid imagination but a mouth like a sewer and I loved him! His verbal outbursts had me gasping and his direction was enough to leave me almost as a puddle on the floor just reading what he had to dish out!

But as much as I was besotted by MC, I adored Sophie, I loved the fight she had in her character, the strength she was prepared to show and the desire she had to find herself again, he was left a shadow of the woman she wanted to be but faced her situation with an enthusiasm that was infections, she was a lesson to us all on refusing to lay down and let the world walk over you – she sought out her future and made it work for her.

I will definitely read more from this author and I hope that I get more soon!!!

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