Interference by Dakota Madison

I want sure what I expected from this when I read the blub and that may have been my first mistake because it delivered more than I thought possible.

Sedona is a go getting type of girl, someone who takes everything in her stride. Jesse Walker is everything that Sedona isn’t but what you see with this guy is definitely not what you get, you get so much more! He is a peach!

An injury forces Sedona to make a swift but needy change to her plans and she begins tutoring some of the athletes. Jesse is in need of her services this basketball player is everything you never expect but everything you could possibly want but can Sedona see it?

He is considerate and patient, doing everything he can to show Sedona that she is what he wants and needs but he hangs on to one secret that he should have given up and it has Sedona with a decision to make. There are so many questions that your head will spin but in my heart I knew what I wanted and I read with my fingers crossed hoping that I got it.

I loved Jesse, I love that he broke from the norm and showed that it takes a strong man to lay his heart on the line. Sedona was written to perfection, she really was the ultimate bookworm, oblivious to the chaos that ensued around her and as for Madison, well despite the fact I didn’t like his name, he was just such a nice guy – I hope we get to read a book about him.