The Rocker Who Betrays Me

by Terri Anne Browning


The last of the guys to get their own story and Zander was well worth the wait.

Zander and Annabelle have history, their journey started many years ago and while it may not have been the right time then, you can’t possible help be feel that they made the right decision at the time. Hindsight is a powerful tool, something that at times we all wish we had, but I believe things happened for a reason and for this pair, they needed to be apart.

Zander was always her shoulder to lean on, their friendship was so strong. But their timing sucked, they finally made their move, just as the band was ready to hit the big time, and after one passionate night they went their separate ways, full of promise and enthusiasm but life and pride got in the way and the longer they were apart the more doubt filled their lives and before they knew it they there were almost seventeen years of separation between them and one almighty secret that is about to blow their world apart…again!

I liked the fact that the story travelled across the time frames, it flitted between the past and present and I needed that.

It was fun to see them as their younger selves, the fleeting flourish of young love and the creation of the magnificence that was OtherWorld.

Zander is one of the strongest characters in the series and while he is far from perfect, his heart is in the right place and now in the present part of the book, once he is made aware of the truth, he steps and goes all out to show Annabelle that he is willing to do what it takes to make it work. But can she accept what he has to offer, can she forgive him?

The book is powerful, the sentiment behind it is strong and the emotion that it is able to draw from the reader is nothing short of astonishing…you are one tough cookie if you can get through the book without reaching for the tissues.

With one more book to come, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the author is able to wrap it all up in a one barnstormer of a finale!


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