by Nicole Edwards


Nicole Edwards and the Club Destiny Novels have been a mainstay on my kindle since the day it was purchased and Perception is no different!

The story took me by surprise in the fact that is was primarily retrospective – having devoured the Alluring Indulgence series – the fact that the majority of this novel takes place prior to the opening of the Walker Brothers resort was a little confusing – you see we had already been introduced to Xander and Mercedes – so while the history of how they got together may be solved it was no surprise that they did.

Not adverse to bringing superhot Alpha males to our table – Nicole lays before us the ultimate specimen when she gives us the inimitable Xander Boone. He is dominance personified and not only knows what he wants, but has the patience to wait it out in order to achieve his goal.

We have already been introduced somewhat in earlier novels to Xander – I mean who can forget his interaction with Logan and Samantha in Devotion…..Phew!

But in this novel we get to experience him in his natural environment – the full on Dom, a habitat that he excels and most definitely belongs in.

Xander has waited 10 years in order to eventually find a way to change his relationship with Mercedes. I did say he was patient… remember!!

Mercedes Bryant is Xander’s real estate agent and a damn good one at that but she is also his long term friend but in her down time she could give Xander a run for his money in that she is also a Domme, not that Xander believes that to be true – he is certain that she has submissive tendencies and uses the Domme demeanour to hide from her past.

Dom & Domme – sparks will fly but this is Xander here and control could be his middle name, he know Mercedes and sets about proving that she is more than willing to submit to him.

Using Logan and Samantha as a ploy, Xander involves Mercedes in a little role play on the pretence that they are debunking some of the myths about BDSM for the pair.

Little does Mercedes know that this really has nothing to do with Logan and Samantha, it is an opportunity for Xander to get Mercedes where he wants her – in his grasp and under his control and what happens takes them all by surprise – least of all Mercedes!

Having had just a taste of the woman he adores, Xander sets his plan into motion and they reach a deal, that for 5 days Mercedes and Xander will be together, intends to use the time to show her that her true self is not the Domme that she believes. She on the other hand is certain that she knows her own mind and gets an agreement of her own, one that will give her something she could never possibly have imagined – Xander under her control.

The ride that follows is turbulent to say the least but god forbid it is electrifying!!

The story is difficult to get to grips with at times, the characters seem to conflict on occasion but I suppose that is how it is in real life, not everything falls neatly into place. Xander and Mercedes are a power couple and Xander proves twice in the story that despite being the powerhouse that he is, he will do ANYTHING for his woman, no matter what it costs him.


I loved Shane, through the story he is prominent – both as friends of both Xander and Mercedes but also as another Dom. His story should be interesting and the introduction of Elijah and the re-emergence of Trent, have me waiting on tenterhooks for the next instalment!!!


Rating 5 out of 5