by Lily Kate

 An engaging read. Jack and Allie have been friends for as long as they can both remember having spent their childhoods in each other’s company but when familiarity has to give way to something a whole lot more grown up, the two of them are facing some tough decisions.

The connection they have is one that almost defies description, there are no airs and graces, they can both just kick back and be themselves …so why is it then that rapport materializes when they are dating …well, you don’t need to be a genius to work that one out now do you!

 I loved the awkward way that Jack had, I found it quite charming, but it was obvious that he couldn’t find his “one” because she has been beside him for years, but falling for his best friend, well it may have been as clear as the nose on his face but Mr Oblivious was knee deep in self-denial.

Alle wasn’t that much better if truth be told, she played the game as well as the next woman, and she might have thought she was supporting Jack in his attempt to find himself a woman, after all, she wanted her bestie to be happy…but didn’t she need to be happy too?

There were times when it was so clear that the only time she was genuinely happy was when she was with him and I so wanted to shake the pair of them and tell them to open their eyes and get on with it!

Their happy place was with each other…that was all that mattered!

Wonderfully written I thought the conversation between the two of them were exceptional, they lit each other up and that was very special. I loved the honesty that came across in their feelings, the frustration at first but when they realized that they were both feeling the same way, the sense of relief for me was almost palpable. Full to the brim with a fantastic cast of characters, this was a feel-good read, it made me smile…yep it might have been a tad frustrating watching them dance around the inevitable at times but for that outcome, I wouldn’t have changed a thing

Topic: Awkward. by Lily Kate

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