Scars by Elena M Reyes



Please make sure you have read the two previous books before you pick up this little beauty because without it – Janice will do your head in!

I have battered on about Janice in my previous reviews and the fact that the woman is completely deranged but in this we get not necessarily to understand her reasoning but at least to have an insight into why she is the way she is and it is a messed up story.,

She really is not a well woman.

While I tried to sympathise slightly with her I found that she frustrated me- she was completely cuckoo – her reasoning was so clouded that she was irrational and that made her even worse.

She had stepped right onto the merry go round of madness and couldn’t see any way off – it was sad really.

She loved Talan in her own way but it was never going to be what he had with Maya and that realisation had tipped her to the wrong side of normal – she was off the scale nuts.

As always the writing was exemplary and the characterisation was divine. We get yet more characters that I am sure will be pivotal in the next books and we get to understand a little more the mind of madness and to wonder at what else could possibly lie in store for the world at the hand of Janice