Kiss My Ash

by Leddy Harper

If this is what the boy next door looks like … then I think I may just have to start looking for a new house because darn it I want an Ash!! ( oh, that sounds really wrong, doesn’t it!)

I thought I had an understanding of where the story was going to go from the blurb and the very early stages of the book but I couldn’t have been more wrong, the author was magnificent and concealing her true path until just the precise moment, the instant that was going to stop me in my tracks and have the words WTF tripping from my tongue.

This was as far from a tale of older woman seducing a younger man than you could get because what Ash lacked in years he made up for in maturity and understanding…this was a young man that I would definitely love to meet.

The connection between Ash and Kirsty was beautiful, it was funny and heartfelt and came off the page with a level of relatability that was impossible to ignore. Yes, there was an age difference and yes it was Kirsty that was older and who society would deem should have stayed away but Ash was relentless, he knew his own mind and he knows that Kirsty was the woman for him.

But could this you man be the guy that this single mom needed in her life? You bet he could.

As you would expect there were a mountain of challenges to overcome, not least the bias that society dictates but what they went through made sure that who they were was stronger in the end, but the question would always be when the dust settled would they be the ones that had the chance to have their happy ever after?

A fantastic twist on the standard taboo romance, I loved the dynamic that Kirsty being the older of the two brought to the story and I thought the author was absolutely on point with the portrayal of how someone in her position would not only feel in herself but also feel about the perception of the situation, especially since she had a child to consider.

The plus points for the story just kept on coming!!


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