The Invitation

by Vi Keeland

There are books that once you have lifted them and flipped over the first few pages, you just know that the rest of the book is going to be engrossing.

This was one of these books for me.

I am happy in the company of Ms Keeland characters, they resonate with me, I enjoy being in their company and often find that no sooner have I started than I have reached the point that I can’t put it down…

This had everything I wanted it to have, the storyline raised my eyebrow and had an edge that really was for the most part unexpected. It wasn’t only gloriously sexy, it was touching, the characters had charisma and the storyline meant that I was paying close attention to the little details because I had a feeling that those little things were going to make all the difference…and I was right!

I loved both the main characters, Stella was a hoot, the sort of woman you just want to have everything she wants in life, she totally won me over BUT throw Hudson into the mix and I was a quivering mess, the guy is totally epic. He has everything going for him, sexy as sin, deliciously handsome and he wears that alpha swagger with complete aplomb…totally swoon worthy!

Beautifully well written, I couldn’t help but want the two of them to find the happiness that they deserved, and I absolutely knew that it had to be with each other because when it comes to soulmates, there is no better pairing than Stella and Hudson... they were made for each other.

I don’t want to witter on endlessly about how marvellous the book is, so I will draw a line here and just say…PLEASE if you are looking for your next read…do not pass this by, because I have a sneaky feeling that you will regret it!!!