by C.A. Harms

When it comes to writing a tortured soul I doubt there is anyone better than CA Harms, she just manages to get in all the feels when it comes to laying a guy out for all to see, warts and all I loved the fact that Shane was a guy that brought more than his own fair share of issues to the table, he was weighed down with more problems than anyone guy should have to bear but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t everything you could have wanted…nope if truth be told in my book it just made him all the more appealing, I loved that he was so real, that he drew emotion, honest emotion from me as I watched him come to terms with what was going on in his own life.
I liked the fact that I from the outset, it felt like I was waiting on him tipping over the edge, I wanted to be the one to stand beside him, holding him up and praying that he would find a way to happiness. His struggle felt so real, so tangible, I was cock-a-hoop when Janelle entered his life because I wanted her to be the reason he needed to move on. His reason to fight the darkness that he wore like a cloak.
Janelle was a great character, just what Shane needed, and their journey together was far from straight forward, they were passionate, provoking tears, tantrums, and hilarity
The first in a new series that was just what I didn’t know I needed, fabulous.

Topic: Paradox by C.A. Harms

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