by Rachel Van Dyken

Brant was the last of the Wellington boys to get the Rachel Van Dyken treatment or should I say the last to have the Grandma Nadine spotlight shone upon them but with a past like he had already experienced, I had hoped that he may have been a tad more forgiving because when it came to facing up to the past Brant wasn’t one to tackle it head on, nope he was happier looking for his solace at the bottom of whatever glass he had in his hand and his hand was very rarely empty, let’s just put it that way.

It was obvious that there was a bone deep pain stitched into the very fabric of his being, but it was one that he had never truly allowed himself to heal from, it was gut-wrenching to read the events that had marred what had been such a beautiful relationship between him and his wife, but could they find a way past it now that they were surreptitiously back in each other’s circle.

Nikki wore the scars of the time she was with Brant for all to see but kept the deepest of them all hidden from view, buried in her heart and with only her best friend Cole fully aware of all the fact, I had nothing but admiration for a character that had picked herself up and started over.

But when Nadine Titus gets her teeth into a project there is no escape as the other Wellington boys know all too well, but she had to lay her plan a little more deviously this time because Brant wasn’t going to willingly accept the bid that had been made at the auction for him, especially when he discovered who it was made by. But there is no keeping this conniving octogenarian down and she was hell bent on getting her way and working her magic with two souls that deserved their time to heal.

I loved Cole and the slapstick events that surround Brant’s arrival at the resort, it was classic Ms.van Dyken.

When the planets finally align, the book came together really quickly so don’t turn your back on this one.

Oh, and a plea if I can make one to the author, can we get a little more Cole???

Topic: THE BACHELOR CONTRACT by Rachel Van Dyken

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