Eraser Platinum by Megan Keith

Well it is absolutely no secret that I have loved this series from the very beginning, I have harped on about it for what sounds like forever... But just in case you missed my previous ministrations ……. If you have not read this series then, OMG Ladies, do yourself a favour and start right now- but please start at the beginning because I would hate for you to miss on single moment with Sir and Mackenzie.

Sadly, Eraser Platinum is the final instalment of the series and I have to say that having spent this morning hyperventilating after receiving an advance copy for review.


I gathered myself together, circled the wagons so to speak and prepared myself for the emotional onslaught that I knew was coming my way the minute I started and GOD FORBID – 5% in and I was in tears, honestly, Ms Keith you are a sadist!

The book is not only everything I wished for, it is so much more, it is emotional, romantic, super sexy but most of all, it is true to the characters of Sir and Mackenzie that I have come to love.

It gave them both the opportunity to speak, to explain and to learn, to grow and most of all time to accept.

Just like a proper relationship they needed time to learn about each other, they needed to stand tall both on their own and together to be able to distinguish where their future lay.

In life I believe that our souls knows when we have found the one that will keep us safe, the one that will make us happy and the one that will protect us from everything, including ourselves.

Sir and Mackenzie’s souls were two halves of the same whole, the intensity of their relationship is just staggering and their battle to the end was every bit as emotional as I would have hoped from them both.

Can I tell you what happens, sure I can… Will I tell you what happens … Not a chance!!

Because, this is one ride that you have to take all on your own, but be warned you need to strap yourself in because it is far from a smooth ride.

Take the journey with Sir and Mackenzie as they take their final steps towards the end and watch with them as they try to work out if they have a future together, will it be what you hope for? More to the point will it be what they hope for?

Secrets are revealed, pasts are laid bare and desires are made clear.

Declarations are a bound and hearts are broken but who’s and more to the point can it be mended?

I regret the fact that this series is over probably more than I thought I would, I have been engrossed, encompassed and encapsulated by this pair and their whirlwind romance but I wouldn’t have it any other way because they have brought nothing but joy to me as they have let me share their journey.

Written with such aplomb Megan Keith is to be commended for what is quite simply an exquisite body of work, one that is not only beautifully written, but emotionally astute and perfectly depicted.

Sir and Mackenzie are written with pin point characterisation and a definition that is pitched to absolute perfection, they are served up with everything you could hope for and taking on board all their gifted quirks and mannerisms this mean that these characters were free to run around the page and come to life in my imagination.

Am I sorry now it has finished, oh god yes.

But most of all I am thankful that one special author took the time to write about two very special characters and that I had the chance to read their story.

Thank You