Promise You

by Fabiola Francisco

A fabulously well-written friend to more read.
Dax wanted more than to be in the friend zone, but Reese seemed happy for them to stay the way they are…after all if it ain’t broke why try to fix it but this pair had a lot to learn, not only about each other but also themselves.
There wasn’t much they didn’t know about each other, being so close that life without each other would be impossible but that doesn’t stop Reese from believing that now that Dax’s life was ready to take off that he would leave her in the wings.
Little did she know that the last thing that Dax wants is to let her slip through his fingers, he wants more with her, the question is will they be able to get that far before their lives start to implode…could they get a happy ever after or would it all be whipped away?
I loved the chemistry between the pair of them, the way they were was magical, but sometimes you need a little more in order to survive, so the question is…Do they get a happy ever after?
Well you will need to read it to find out, you will not be disappointed

Topic: Promise You by Fabiola Francisco

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