by Katie Ashley


Katie Ashley … my oh my you didn’t hold back with this one!

This the story of what happens when you are busy making plans that your life has no intention of allowing you to keep.

Of facing a path that demands you tread your way down it and refuses to allow you to ignore what it has in story.

The story belongs to Sophie, her path into the world of education, to be a teacher and to impart everything she knows to the younger generations, a noble calling I hear you say but fate had other plans for Sophie and it was paying no heed to the decisions that she thinks she is making, because her talents are destined for use elsewhere.

I loved the spirit that Sophie exhibited, the fact that she had fought her way through college, all the while supporting her family, and managing to do everything she could to help with her father’s illness. Having a parent who required constant care and is confined to his wheel chair is a task that many would have faltered in undertaking but Sophie takes it in her stride so to speak, shouldering it all with a quiet serenity.

But her determination and control is an inkling into the type of person she is on the inside and when William finds his way into life, what she thought she knew was turned on its head.

I liked William, the dynamic that he added to Sophie’s life, the challenge that they presented to each other and the passion with which they fought to have what they both knew was something very, very special.

The relationship that formed between them was super, it gave me something to get my teeth into and something that kept me guessing, and it wasn’t always clear which direction the two of them were heading.

A story that I hadn’t expected from an author that I should have expected it from, Katie Ashley you never cease to amaze me.

Topic: Subordination by Katie Ashley

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