Shutdown Player

by Jami Davenport

A realistic look at what is often the case for most, a love that isn’t instant, that needs not just work but patience and that when given time will grow into everything your heart hopes for and more.

The author gave the characters in this book the chance to just be normal, in a situation that should really be as far from normal as you could get, it isn’t every day that a girl gets as hulking heartthrob trying to win her over.

Hockey player Jared was a great guy, on and off the ice. Burnt badly by a wife that was after only what his money and position could give her, he is adamant that he will never be caught out that way again.

Steph on the other hand has been in a much tougher situation, she’s doing all she can to find her steady pace, an even keel that she can build a new life on after finally getting out of a relationship that was riddled with very little other than abuse. Love…well that was most certainly in very short supply, so when Jarod enters the frame, it is safe to say that she isn’t willing to accept anything at face value.

Their friendship was spectacular, they had a kindred spirit and I applaud the author for giving then time and space they needed to see the wood for the trees, it isn’t always easy to see what is right in front of you, but they had every opportunity and in book terms, it appeared as if they had all the time in world…. was it worth it?

Topic: Shutdown Player by Jami Davenport

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