Sweet Torment

by Georgia Cates

Wow, this was as upper quick, super clever little novella that will leave you with one question tickling the tip of your tongue...Can I have some more?

I read this is one delicious sitting and I am thankful that I did because not only couldn’t I find a suitable place to put the book down but I just know that would have been completely distracted if I have tried to walk away at any point.

From the first introduction to Bram and Claudia, I just had to know what happened to the pair of them.

Now, lusting after your best mates, little sister is always going to raise an eyebrow but when she is only 17, there is little option but to bide your time…this has been Bram’s life for longer than he cares to admit. But he is not alone, Claudia has always loved Bram, well for as long as she can remember anyway but like Bram, she knows that her age is the stumbling block that stands between them. Legally they can’t be intimate until after her 18th birthday but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get to know each other and see if they have what it takes to take that final step when the time is right.

So, despite the fact that he knows that Claudia’s brother Owen, he best friend is going to throw and absolute fit, Bram lays himself on the line and they start to spend time together. I loved that he was willing to do the right thing and wait and to also make sure that she knew what he felt for her was more than just a quick fling but was it forever?

If I had any criticism it was that the story seemed a little pushed but that is what you get with a novella I suppose had it been a full-length novel there would have been time to have more background information and that would have been nice.

Anyway, I loved it, fitted nicely into my day and left a smile on my face…what is there not to love.

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