by A.K. MacBride

I’m usually a little apprehensive when I an reading a novel by an author I’ve never read before but when the story turns out to be as fabulous as this one was, it didn’t take long for that apprehension to be replaced with pure joy, this is an author who leaves nothing behind, he story was packed with everything I as a reader could ever want, it was joyous.

Harper is happy in Willow Creek, with her young son, Flynn, she has created life for them both that some would have wished to take away from them, because her past is much more complicated than her public persona would have you believe because Harper isn’t who she appears to be, her real name is Sarah and after threats when she was pregnant that placed not just hers but her child’s life in danger, she changed everything about herself and set about starting afresh.

Up until now things have been going well, she loves her job as an assistant to the local vet and Flynn is the apple of her eye, she keeps herself pretty much to herself and the prospect of getting involved with someone is something she isn’t willing to even consider, which was a shame because the local mechanic Logan was someone that I thought she could have had a special connection with.

Getting involved with anyone was a step too far for Harper but that didn’t mean that she was immune to the fact that she wanted to have someone in her life, but with the complications that her past brought to the table, she knew that she was best alone, and I felt sad for her in that respect. Logan knew what it was like to have a past that you liked to keep behind you, it was something that he continued to master on a day to day basis and for the most part although he wouldn’t have turned Harper away if she had shown any interest, it was probably for the best that they were keeping each other at arm’s length.

But when she needs help, the only person she can think of to help her is Logan…but letting someone see who she really is and explaining what is really going on is something that she must consider carefully, can she bring him into the madness that she deals with every day? or should she just plough on?

I liked the fact that both Harper and Logan got to tell the story from their own points of view, it encouraged me as the reader to read on, even though I should really have laid not just the book but my head down for the night.

I found the pace and pattern thoroughly engaging, the author used some beautifully descriptive passages to ensure that I had a clear picture of not only what was happening but also how those involved were feeling. I liked both Harper and Logan, they were far from stereotypical, Harper was a kick ass mom who was willing to stop at nothing to keep her son safe and Logan, when if you are looking for a hero, he’s your man!

A super read that, right up until the very last page had me totally captivated!!!


Topic: Shattered by A.K. MacBride

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