On the Road, Vagabonds Book 2 by Jade C Jamison



Straight off the bat – if you have not read book 1 – On the Run, then stoop right now – you need to read it first to be able to make any sense of this at all.

This picks up right off the back of the first book and the band are ready to rock their tour to the absolute max!! But will they make it on the road and if they do can they survive?

This book is a full on assault to the senses, it takes no prisoners and much like Ms Jamison writing the girls give you everything they have and then some… honestly hold on tight because these little ladies are about to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

This is everything I ever imagines a music tour would be, the groupies, the drugs and not forgetting the music but it is also a group of young women who are let loose in the world for what it seems like the first time and they are determined to make the most of it and live it large!!! This story is tough at times, it dips into some aspects of the business and their life that are not for the faint hearted.

At times their antics will make you wince – they hold nothing back.

I liked the fact that the book took in a significant period of time and that it wasn’t rushed. This timeframe gave the book a sense of propriety, or reason and allowed me to see and feel the events in what was almost real time.

I was glad that we got a bit for of CJ in this book, I wasn’t sure if I could trust that he and Kyle were going to last until this book but so far they have proved me wrong – they may be taking their baby steps into a relationship but at least they are moving in the right direction and it seems to be going Ok. I have everything crossed for them and I hope the next book is kind to them.

But what about the other girls?

Don’t get me started about Barbie – honestly she is a reprehensible creature I could beat her senseless in the hope that she would be almost human at the end, Narcissistic witch!

Vicki and Kelly and Liz, well I loved these girls – especially Kelly.

Can the band survive? Or more to the point will CJ and Kyle get a happy ever after?

I am looking forward to book 3

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