Ricochet : Friendly Fire by Heather C Leigh

Right, picking up six weeks after the end of book one, we are thrown straight into the shit storm that is Quinn’s life, having left Rick to try and deal with her past she is ready to return to Rick and back to work.

She wants to pick things up with Rick but she has no idea how he will be when she sees him again. Did she get the wrong impression of what was going on when the two of them were together?

If only she knew!

Rick was like a man possessed while she was away – he was completely demented!

He had no idea why she left and that is all on her, it was unfair of her to leave him like that but I have to say I kind of liked the way he went all sort of nuts – it gave him more credence in my book – this tough guy practically fell apart not knowing what was going on – it affected him in a way I hadn’t anticipated for a man in his position and with his reputation but it helped me to get a handle on the whole relationship.

But when it is Rick’s turn to leave Quinn gets a dose of her own medicine – because she finds out just how painful it is to be without him.

Worse is to come when she learns that Quinn has been injured and hasn’t returned to her to convalesce – he has gone to his friend Dane. They are both unsure as to the true status of their relationship and neither of them is sure as to what steps to take in order to get what they have back on track. They need help and it arrives in the wise words of Mara – pointing out the glaringly obvious and helping them to see that they have the bones of a decent relationship they just need to talk to each other.

But as expected it is not all plain sailing – because just as things are starting to even out – Quinn leaves to meet with her lawyer. All hell breaks loose and Rick goes into search mode – heading out to find his woman, unfortunately all he finds is her empty truck and her blood!

This was a better read than the first instalment and I think the story is beginning to gather pace. I am actually looking forward to the next book.