by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

This is the conclusion of Gia and Rush’s story and it was every bit as angst riddled as I hoped it would be. The authors delivered a story that was without compromise, both parties had reasons that could quite easily have forced them into actions that could have had potentially devastating consequences but as much as they were willing to be honest with each other, I couldn’t help but wonder just how far that openness was going to get them…because I had a niggling feeling that if they showed their hand too early they might just make a bad situation a whole lot worse.

Could they bide their time…or more to the point, could I? I would have loved to have galloped through the book, uncovering the answers to all the questions that were swilling around in my head but in the end, was I glad that as a reader, that the authors were able to temper my pace, ensuring that I was left with no option but to slow down and hold on tight.

The story followed directly on from the end of the first book Rebel Heir and it was obvious that there were secrets that had the potential to be devastating to both Gia and Rush, the only question was how they were going to deal with them, both individually and as a couple.

Of course Gia’s primary concern was for her child but the reality was that following the enlightening events at the party that was held for Rush’s brother Elliot and the sound of the penny dropping for Gia was almost audible, the almost sickening thud in her soul when she realised just what the connection was between herself and both of the brothers, let’s just say it was far more complicated than anyone really needed it to be but I thought the way she faced up to the truth of the situation and how she handled it was admirable.

She knew what she could lose but she stood firm and did what she had to do to protect not only her child but also Rush, she was under no illusion that Elliot would relish the opportunity to tell Rush what he knew, Gia couldn’t allow that to happen, she knew that he deserved better and I felt like whooping at that point because he did deserve so much more, he was a good guy, the sort of guy that was willing to stop at nothing to look after her, the sort of man that was happy as long as he knew she was happy, and although it took him a little time to reconcile the fact with how he felt, I thought he came across as a really good guy.

As far as conclusions go, this is a superb read, I thought it was beautifully written, with a pace and timbre that encourage me to while away the afternoon, totally immersed.


Topic: REBEL HEART by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

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