A Date for the Masquerade

by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover.

A lovely little novella that took its own sweet time to kick into gear but when it did there was no stopping it, it smouldered its way to a much-deserved conclusion.

The thrill of a masquerade ball was a clever setting for what turned out to be a meeting of souls. Told from dual points of view this was played out perfectly for the reader as we were given the opportunity to take each step with them.

Owen knew from the moment his eyes met hers that he has found the woman of his dreams, the mask she wore hid nothing from him, her soul spoke volumes and one night was never going to be enough, so finding her became his mission…but would he succeed? Could he find her, and would they have something more?

Ensley is good at her job, so when she and her business partner are contacted to organise a masquerade ball for a local radio station they jumped at the chance…little did she know just how much this event was going to change her life. She may not have seen his face but there was something captivating about her mystery man and their one night was hopefully just the start …but she had to find him again to find out…could she?

I was in no doubt that this would be a good read, after all these authors always seem to hit it out the park, but having been in a bit of a reading slump lately this was just what I needed to shake clear the fog and reignite my passion.. thank you!

A fabulous read on a cold winters evening, you will not want to miss this


Topic: A Date for the Masquerade by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover.

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