by Carly Phillips

For the first book in the series I thought this kicked it all off in spectacular fashion.
Summer is battling for her dream job, the chance to join a huge star on stage and become their opening act but as you can imagine that isn’t a job that is going to land on her lap without a fight, so when she is pitted against a former foe, she knows she has her hands full…but little did she expect it to be quite so full on because someone has her in their sights and their plans are totally nefarious.
Her safety is in serious danger so the decision is taken to assign her a bodyguard and in steps the handsome Ben…their not so distant past suddenly staring them both in the face!
There is a bit of agro between the two of them mostly because Ben seems to have it in his head that she was the reason that he lost his last job, but was she? The hostility between the two of them was icy at best but there was a thaw on the cards, that much was obvious!
As much as they each have reason to steer well clear of each other, their logic is flawed when it is obvious that what was between them in the past is still there and they can’t deny it.
But can Ben protect her from the danger that is at her back?
Would someone stoop that low to win a competition, well it seems so!
And can Summer convince him that she can have a relationship and a career, despite what he may think.
Can they both get they acts together and see what they have before it is too late?
A solid second chance romance that leave it all out there and rings every ounce of emotion from the story, a super read

Topic: ROCK ME by Carly Phillips

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