Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Sensitive, tender, passionate, emotional… need I say anymore?

Since the tender age of just 19, Ellie has been raising her daughter by herself and I give her so much credit because her daughter is beautiful and Ellie has a little princess on her hands.

But finding someone for herself is not something that she has given too much consideration too, mainly because she barely has a moment to herself.

But when Jax sees her, it is him that is swept off his feet and I loved the fact that this man knew instantly that the precious woman standing before him was the woman he had been looking for all his life, the woman that his heart had selected … the woman that whether she knew it or not was going to be his.

The story from that moment took on a passionate life of its very own.

Completely captivating Jax sets his stall out from the onset and determines to prove to Emma that he can care for her, love and cherish her like his woman should be… completely.

He was an intense creature and I have to say I loved him all the more for that, he hid nothing, shirked from no task and held nothing back. He was one tracked, completely blindside by the way he felt by Emma.

With the passion fizzing between them, it doesn’t take too long for them to succumb to the emotions that they are both feeling. And the ensuing relationship is as hot and passionate as you could possibly imagine.

So what else do I think, well I could wax lyrical about this for ages, because it was that good. It is cleverly written, with a real focus on the intensity of the characters.

This isn’t your standard romance, no matter how hard it is trying to be one, it is a one cut above and I think that is due to the creativity that the author poured into the story.

Jax is a true hero, I absolutely loved him and I admired Emma, together they were a couple that you would want to have in your circle of friends, they were fun.

A super story that brought a happy smile to my face.


Topic: Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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