Above all Else

by Sophia R. Heart

I’ve been on a run of new to me authors lately and I must say that there are some very talented ladies out there and Sophia R Heart is certainly one of them because this is nothing like what I thought it was going to be.

Whilst I am not normally a fan of stories that are written both as present and retrospective, I found that in this story the parts that gave me insight to their past were the bits that brought me the most because those sections allowed me to get a complete picture of all of the characters.

April is the 19-year-old daughter of infamous bounty hunter Mario Mansten, a guy that is at the top of his game and takes absolutely no prisoners while hunting down his prisoners if you know what I’m saying.

Kellan Reed has worked with April’s father for a couple of years and whilst he is far from her favourite person I found it difficult not to love the guy. Whilst I thought that he was complicated, with a side of his character that gave off an air of malice, that just didn’t seem to matter, I was smitten. This was a young man that had a potential to be not only complicated but deadly with it!

I loved the connection between Mario and Kellan, there is a strong element of respect and nurturing that is thoroughly explored between the two of them, Mario providing him with the only sense of family that he has ever really know. Kellan’s relationship with Mario spoke volumes to the man that he stood beside every day.

But when it came to his daughter, Mario didn’t hold back, he loved her with every ounce of his being.  April’s family life was as close to perfect as her father could make it, and after reading the tragedy that befell them I couldn’t help but absorb a sharp intake of breath.

I don’t want to delve too deeply because I don’t want to give too much away but I would implore you give this a go, you will not be disappointed. Full to the brim with angst and attitude, tinged with an edge of heartache and pain, this has everything that is needed to blow your mind.

Topic: Above all Else by Sophia R. Heart

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