by Callie Hart

With everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it, this was every glorious thing that I have come to expect from Ms Callie Hart.

The story was exceptional, it flowed beautifully and was filled to the brim with not just drama and pulsating action but also brimming with a passion that almost defies logic.

I know that many say that they were absorbed but I really mean it, this was a book that honestly never left my hand from the first work right through to the very last.

I adore the fact that Ms Hart always ensures that her characters are not only strong, and I am talking about both of the leading characters when I say that, but they are also engaging, I took to Sera from almost the very beginning and because of that I found it very easy to get my head around the dominance that was Fix and believe me when I say that he was the perfect alpha male.

Sera had been through so much in her life, the type of events that for many would have proved too much but that for her, forged and inner strength that was formidable.

With a passion between them that was almost electrifying, Sera and Fix were sensational, they leapt from the page, but in all honesty, it was the mystery that surrounded the events that were unfolding around them that spoke to me most…I was captivated.

The second in the series, I can only say that this is one that you really should not miss!


Topic: Nasty by Callie Hart

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