by Dawn Altieri

I am in two minds as to where I can pitch this review, for two reasons

  1. Because I don’t want to give any of the storyline away because it is the depth of the story that is its biggest asset
  2. If I am being honest I would have to say that because I struggled somewhat with the characters.

I appreciated not only what they had been through but also continued to experience but I wasn’t entirely sure whether I liked either of them.

I wanted to and I didn’t hate them, they just seemed a little too farfetched if that is even possible for a work of fiction. I found too much to raise an eyebrow at with their relationship and that made me question it more than I would have liked.

I mean Ryan really had me shaking my head by the way he was so willing to accept on nothing other than face value that Chloe was innocent no matter how much it appeared otherwise. And the fact that as a person of interest in an ongoing arson investigation, she was welcomed as his girlfriend by his management despite the fact he was the person investigating the arson she was potentially involved in…well that niggled me.

The author played this mystery very close to her chest and I found it almost impossible to get a handle on just who was to blame and that in itself was the force driving me from page to page.

There was so much potential and there was an awful lot that was right with the story that I would say give it a try, the mystery will have you hooked.

Topic: Burn by Dawn Altieri

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