by LA Cotton and Jenny Siegel


Joy and Dawson made it through high school together and had huge plans to quit town and start their lives together somewhere else but what they want and what they get is two completely different things.

 I liked the fact that they both got the opportunity to express themselves in this story, that eth authors gave them both a voice and let them tell their story in their own words, I find that it is the most comfortable way of reading story like this that is multi-facetted.

Life gets in their way and not only scuppers their plans but drive a wedge between the two of them and in they end they have no dreams to move forward with because they are not together anymore.

Now I was a little confused about some of the events that unfolded and about the fact that Dawson was so determined to keep his distance from Joy, no matter the fact that he had contact with family and friends.

I didn’t take to Donnie, although I am not sure why.

Joining Maverick Defence, may have been the smart move for Dawson but it wasn’t doing anything to bring him any closer to Joy, he is constant taking on tasks that put paid to any chance they may have had of getting what they had back.

There were so any secrets that I was at a loss as to how their journey was ever going to turn around.

I got the feeling that Joy was almost drowning with the enormity of the situation with her and Dawson but rather that remedy what is going on, mind you how can you address something when the man you need to talk to is never around?

And rather than completely retreat into her shell, she is wallows her way from day to day, struggling to find anything that can lift her despair, even her half-hearted relationship (of sorts) with Dawson’s best friend Donnie. I really wanted to give her a good hard shake, I really struggle with weak willed women and I thought she was selling herself short!

So what happens when Dawson finally gets his backside back into town, will they be able to handle being in the same town?

Will they be able to talk their issues through? 

Can they see past the hurt and mistrust to put their friendship back on track and what about Donnie?

I had so many questions and I know I am leaving you with so many of them still unanswered but where would be the fun in me telling you what happens!

Overall I would say I liked the story but I think I liked the secondary characters more than the primary ones, not that I hated either Joy or Dawson but more that I loved Mikey, Sherri. Lex and of course Ari.

The book was well written and engaging, I definitely wanted to keep turning the pages but I am left waiting for the next book to discover whether the hopes that I have accumulated in my head for the characters will actually come to fruition.

Topic: Deliverance by LA Cotton and Jenny Siegel

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