8 Second Decision

by H J Bellus



I have been on a bit of a cowboy kick this week and I think it after I had finished reading this that my delectation for all things cowboy took hold and I am 4 books down and it shows no signs of abating yet, so that you HJ!!!

Anyway I digress, back to the book in hand – 8 Second Decision-well it took a little longer than just 8 seconds for me to fall in love with the storyline and it took a darn sight longer for me to feel anything for the main female character in the book, initially she had my back up , I was not impressed. It was a good thing there were some smart mouthed, sexy as sin cowboys to keep me distracted.

I found Challis hard work, initially and I think the fact that the reason for her sour attitude towards Merek isn’t fully explained until much later in the book, meant that I held my dislike for longer than I really should have. She was a feisty one make no mistake about it and the conversations and rhetoric between her and Merek certainly brought a smile to my face.

Both of them are fighting to save their ranches, they are pulling on the same piece of sting so to speak but they are also working with frayed nerves and it shows. Challis has always been a daddy’s girl, and since his passing she has struggled being alone. But while I can appreciate a strong woman, she was completely pig headed at times and I just wanted her to be more accepting of the help around her.

Merek is a man’s man and he too is facing an uncertain future. The family ranch is at risk and his brothers and there are some underhand activities going on that they have yet to get to the bottom of.

So can their shared strife and their love of a darn good rodeo bring them together or will the harsh realities of what is going on around them enough to keep them apart?

I liked the scenario that the author brought together in this book, I liked the strong family element that was at the forefront and the honesty of the entire story.

The characters made me smile (Challis- yes, she did eventually), they had such strong passions that in the end I could almost feel the pull between the two of them.

They were right together, what they had and who they were worked better when they were together, they completed each other in a way that neither of them expected – nor did I but when a cowboy sets his stall out… you are a done deal!

I look forward to the next book in the series and I hope that Merek and Challis’s story shows its face in that one too but I want to hear more about the brothers – Maverik next I hear….yippee!!!!

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