by Julie A. Richman

Julie A Richman is one of a very few authors that has the ability to draw her subject matter from real life in a way that doesn’t leave the reader feeling as if the story is cutting a little too close to home and for me that shows a very deft touch, I enjoy the realism that her approach brought to this story and because of that, this was one that kept me awake until the early hours.

I liked the fact that the characters had some age to them, they weren’t whippersnappers, they had lived, they had experiences and regrets and in true Richman style they could have been family, they were written in such a way as it was impossible to not feel as if their lives were intimately personal to us.

I liked the fact that the story was a proper romance, it was about feelings and effect, it took love and showed that given the opportunity love will not only flourish but will sustain. I enjoyed the fact that the intimacy of the characters wasn’t the be all and end all, it was a tiny part of who they were and I wanted to get to know the bigger picture and was comfortable in the fact that with this author that is exactly what I was going to get.

Superbly written, a proper grown up romance that needed no gimmicks to hold my attention, emotionally this was one of favourites of the year to date.

Topic: THE DO-OVER by Julie A. Richman

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