The Dare by Rachel van Dyken


The Dare by Rachel Van Dyken

Book Three in the Bet Series


With a whole lot to contend with after The Bet and The Wager which I loved, this book more than holds its own for one good – and it is a damned good reason – Grandma Nadine!

The woman is an icon – she is the epitome of what we all want to be like at her age – the been there, done that, afraid of nothing, answer to everything matriarch that has nothing but her desire to see her family happy, at heart and what is not to love about that – Well! Maybe her unorthodox methods, but when needs must, a woman will use whatever is at her disposal and Grandma has that down to an art form!

The book centres on Jace and Beth – having reconnected at the wedding – they wake together in Jace’s hotel room with no memory of the night before – yep heard that before – but this time with Grandma Nadine in the picture – the reality is much more frightening – they get early on that she has them in her sights but neither of them is willing to play her game.

Each chapter is told from one of their particular points of view and I must admit I found Jace’s recollections much more humorous but the standout dialogue comes from Grandma at the start of each chapter – being held by the FBI on the presumption that he is responsible for kidnapping Jace- who just happens to be a Senator. Her conversations with the agents interrogating her were bloody hilarious!

Grandma (with a little help from more than one of the other characters this time) has her eyes set on showing Jace and Beth the error of their ways and making sure that they can see that they are perfect for each other, all they have to do is believe what she is telling them. With her track record would you?

Running from the media after their night together gets misconstrued and leaked to the press, Jace and Beth are at the mercy of Grandma Nadine as she whisks them away on a “damage limitation exercise” to save Jace’s political career.

Ending up on a remote island couples retreat, may not be the ideal place to hide out but being forced to spend time together awakens feelings in both of them from 10 years previous when Jace had been Beth’s knight in shining armour and Beth had been his one that got away.

Neither of them had fully let go of the one kiss they had shared at the prom when Beth was humiliated and left crying, Jace had stepped up and asked her to dance and after that brief kiss, disappeared into the night.

Jace and Beth have a lot to learn and a lot to divulge to each other but with 6 days to romance her – Jace wants to show Beth that she is worthy of having her own Mr Darcy – even if it isn’t him – what he doesn’t know is that it has always has been him for her – no-one has ever measured up to that one kiss and at 30 years old – she believes she is destined to be alone.

Grandma knows best and there is no stopping her!

 “Grandma shrugged. ‘Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gone to the slammer for the greater good.’”

I am certain that without Grandma Nadine these stories would be fabulous but with her they are just plain AWESOME.

The situations may on occasion be convoluted but they are heart-warming, the situation extreme but that is what fantasy is all about. Jace and Beth deserve their fantasy but they wouldn’t have it without the actions of one of the best fictional characters around today.

I would love to read a little of Grandma Nadine’s history – she appears to have been at the centre of many interesting situations! And although it has been mentioned that this is the last in this series – I am keeping my fingers crossed that somewhere down the line that the author will bring Grandma out of retirement once again.

One more thing before I go – if you are looking for a corker of an Epilogue then this one fits the bill!

The series has been brilliant and my world is made just a little better for having Grandma Nadine in it !

Thank You, Rachel van Dyken!


Rating 5 out of 5