Hard Habit to Break by KT Webb

I think this would have made a good full length novel, and I say that because due to it being a novella, I think I missed a connection with the characters. I'm not saying I didn't like them, I did but I think there was more scope for the two of them and I missed a bit of what I thought could have been.

Olivia was in college - a senior on her summer break when she becomes fixated with a guy she has seen at her local coffee shop, now I liked the sort of stalkerish longing that she felt towards him, an inexplicable need to see him that had her feeding her obsession with him and her coffee habit at the same time. Little did she know that he was doing much the same thing, Isaac had seen her too and was paying more than frequent visits to the coffee shop in a hope to catch a glimpse of her.

So when they eventually pluck up the courage to speak to each other there was an almost awkward sense of duplicity that they had to get out of the way first. The connection between them from that first hello was instantaneous, although her past experiences might have had her holding back a little and when she actually discovers who he is I was keeping my fingers crossed that she wouldn't bolt for the door.

It didn't take long for the two of them to realise that being together wasn't going to be easy, they had an age
difference yes, but there was more to it than just that, there were things they were going to have to overcome, but did they have the fight to make a go of it?

There were bits of the story that were so tender, so heart-warming that you may need a moment and there were other bits where you will be ready to throttle possibly both of them but not necessarily at the same time, they had a propensity to frustrate at times, Olivia because she was just so matronly at sometimes, I wanted her to be more instinctive, nor carefree like a kid of her age should be and Isaac well, just because at times he could be a complete ass.

I liked the book, it was well written and the details, it had a plethora of emotion running through it but there were a couple of occasions when I think I felt a little cheated, I missed some details that I think had the book been longer I might have gotten, a deeper look into their characters and their situation. If the author ever decides to give them a little more room to spread their wings and expand on their story, I will be first in line.

Topic: Hard Habit to Break by KT Webb

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