Finding my Forever by Heidi McLaughlin



Finding My Forever - The Beaumont Series by Heidi McLaughlin

Book 3 in what has already become one of my all time favourite series.

Jimmy Cater is the quintessential rock star, member of 4225 West - no holds barred, love them and leave them, bad boy. That was until his one night with Jenna Palmer at his bandmates wedding.

They both stratched their itch that night but Jimmy is the one left looking for more.

Jenna's past provides the undercurrent in the story. She has been through more than any woman should, as the reader I wanted her to get her happy ever after - I needed Jimmy to pull through for her, I just didn't think it was possible.

In the previous novels Jimmy was difficult to get a handle on he was portrayed as the wild man in the band and I wasn't sure that his story was one that would hold any interest for me but his back history and childhood are developed in this book and we get to see that Jimmy is a product of his past and if I am honest my heart ached for him - his Dad is an absolute swine!

The turn about in Jimmy is epic, Jenna gives him purpose - gives him the reason to be the better man, the man that is worth winning her heart. The road through is far from easy but in this case it is the external forces in their lives that are doing their best to tear them apart.

It is great to continue garner an inside into the characters from the earlier books - Liam and Josie are as loved up as ever and Liam has become thevery epitome of a family man - he is everything Jimmy wants to be for Jenna.

Harrison is Jimmy's barometer - he is his confidant, his voice of reason- if Harrison could get any better in my opinion he did in this book - his partner Katelyn and Josie are the comfort blanket that Jenna needs when he resolve wains - everyone should have a friends like them, the ones that tell you the truth no matter whether you want to hear it or not and will hold you when you crumble and cry ugly.

The story for Jenna and Jimmy is not plain sailing but finding your forever never is. They both have to work through their insecurities and eliminate the demons of their past but together they are stronger than they could have imagined. Their journey is beautiful although peppered with pit falls that give them a chance to flex their combined muscle.

The twists and turns maybe slightly easier to spot than in some other novels but that does not detract from the fact that this is a fabulous read.

Jimmy and Jenna are a couple made to go the distance and I look forward to catching up with them as the rest of the Beaumont Series comes to life.

Rating 4 out of 5