Renegade Heart

by Lissa Lynn Thomas

I love when I find a new author to read, it is so exciting to see what they have in store and with this author I have to say that I am already looking forward to reading what she has next because this was a super read.

Raif Montgomery is the lead singer of the band Renegade Hearts but fame means nothing when he is left standing at the altar, dumped in spectacular fashion by Pippa…ouch!  I wasn’t sure how he was going to get over that little episode and the author didn’t make it easy for him, because this country rock star did what guys in his position normally do ,he drowned his sorrows with both booze and women.

Chloe is Raif’s best friend, she has been since they were children, so it was inevitable that she would be the woman to help him get through the pain of what had happened, but I have to say that it was far from easy for her because she has loved her best friend for longer than she is prepared to admit to even herself and since Pippa was what could have be termed a “friend” of hers she was feeling ever so slightly conflicted.

The pair of them had a lot to deal with but I wanted them to see what was staring them in the face and to actually realise that they had both had a narrow escape and that Pippa had done them a favour – they could find a happy ever after with each other if they just looked hard enough.

Chloe’s life was complicated, she had a mother that was a junkie and a bar to run, so when Raif was all set to hit the big time, she wasn’t sure that she would be a help or a hinderance to his career and from what I could see, she was almost both but as with all good stories they had a long way to get to a happy ending and there was pain along the way for the two of them.

I felt the love and loss element of the story was cleverly pitched, he had the world at his feet potentially when in reality all he wanted was her by his side and when tragedy struck that is exactly what he knew he had to have…Chloe was his grounding, the woman that he belonged too and he just had to find a way to make sure she knew that.

For a man that made his living with words, Raif was mute at being able to express how he felt to Chloe, she on the other hand was a little too “good” for my liking, I wanted her to stand up for herself a little more and stop putting everyone else before herself …man up woman!

All that being said, I can’t moan because I thought the book, the story and the characters were fantastic and I look forward to reading the next instalment of the series, hopefully it is Luke!


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